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Where Your Party and Tracks Align

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We are here for you from the beginning

An event that is not personalized and focused on the clients wishes lacks energy and life.  We will make sure the music presented at your event matches you and your guests musical tastes.  Using modern streaming site collaboration methods, you and BamBam will be connected from day one creating an ultimate playlist that is personalized only for you


Our preparation process is first class

Your event might only be 6-8 hours long, but we put over 15 hours of research and coordination prior to your special event. From the initial client meetings, music research and preparation, equipment tests, timeline consultation and review, and coordination with your vendors, you can be assured we are prepared when we arrive.


We have over 26 years of event experience

BamBam started out as professional videographer in high school in 1997. Since then, he experienced HUNDREDS of events. BamBam witnessed different professionals do their thing. He knows what works and what doesn't.  And since 2008, he's put all this knowledge into practice and has made the guest experience unique like no other.

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Musical Journey

J.J. began his journey into the art of playing music to crowds in 2008 with the help of his cousin, one of the most hardest working, prominent and skillfully talented DJs in the Las Vegas club scene, DJ Slip.

DJing for J.J. was a bedroom hobby where his two turntables and mixer never left his room. In his car, J.J. put on repeat DJ Slip's "Save the DJ, Save the World" Mixtape to learn how to cut songs together. Inspired by Power 106's radio DJ's, J.J. always woke up to the sounds Big Boy in the Morning show DJ, DJ E-Man. J.J. would write down in order every song E-Man would play, and try to learn his style of mixing by copying his set. All of J.J.'s practice would soon come to use when the Great Recession hit home.

In 2009 J.J.'s full time position at America's Funniest Home Videos was eliminated putting J.J. in a perfect position to put his practice to the test and actually go out and DJ for income.

One free gig lead to another, and in some gigs he worked for tips. In the months ahead, J.J. developed his style of mixing and his ability to "read a crowd." Utilizing these two abilities were his formula to always keep the crowd wanting more. The satisfaction of his clients not only led him to his next gig, but paved a way for J.J. to make a living off of what he loves to do.

The income from gigs paid his bills, put food on his table,and even put gas in his 21 gallon truck. DJing has been J.J.'s main source of work since 2009 and since then he has worked for only the clients who hire him.

J.J. has performed all over the South Western United States and in Europe. His ability to electrify a crowd has taken him to Madrid, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and all over Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

J.J.'s success can be attributed to the uncondtional support of his family and friends, and the many hours he spent practicing in his room . Combining those factors with his drive to leave clients with a performance worth more than they invested in, made J.J. into the most prosperous Event DJ in Southern California. DJing saved J.J. and continues to be his most requested entertainment service.

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